Showcases and Security Lock Bags


JPRS offers table top Showcases and Security Lock bag rentals for all of the shows.

  • Showcases are the standard silver all state show cases. The size of the Showcases are 22” wide, 34” long, 3” deep.

  • Security Lock Bags measure about 10 ft x 7.5 ft and are used to secure your display during overnight hours for multi day events.

Rental prices are $25 for Showcases for the entire show.

Rental prices are $35 for Security Lock Bags including a standard lock for the entire show.

If you are in the market to purchase either slightly used Showcases or new Security Lock Bags. Showcases can be purchased for $100, Security Lock Bags for $175.

To order either Showcases or Lock Bags please call the office at
631-243-1028 within three days prior to the show to schedule the order.

Lock Bag.jpg