On 8/19/2016  Mike Kushner was named the first recipient of the Ron Vitro Award.
JPRS is so proud to now have our first inductee and we look forward to more recipients in the future.

Pictures and Information to come soon.

Welcome to the Ron Vitro
Award Page!

On Jan 16th, 2015. JPRS issued their first award.

This award was issued to Ron Vitro for his 32 yrs. of dedicated service to
Sports Memorabilia business.

Ron has been on of the most consistent dealer with attending virtually every show
that has been hosted at the County Center dating back to the “Rothstein Days”

Just as an FYI. The first official baseball card show that was hosted at the county center was on March of 1982.
Gloria Rothstein was the promoter at this time.
Ron was an exhibitor on that day!

This is an extremely rare achievement.
Within the business it is rare to receive a congratulations or a thank you for all the hard work
these dealers place into maintaining fresh inventory for the customers to see.

JPRS decided it was time to create an award. So we did. “And we surprised Ron…..Real Good!”

Ron is still very active within the business and still exhibiting at all of our shows.
He is located in the first booth on the right hand side furthest from the door
when you enter the main room.

Below are a few images for this historical day!

DSC00298 DSC00303